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Collaboration Pack - Y2KxBehemoth

Collaboration Pack - Y2KxBehemoth

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Welcome to Behemoth's first bottled Saison; a crazy hybrid of styles and a collaboration with the Y2KX Collective.

Firstly, a Saison with two French Saison Yeasts. Then, a light malt base and Styrian Cardinal hops from Slovenia. And finally, our own Nelson Sauvin. We then added in 10% Y2KX Collective Certified Organic Sauvignon Blanc Grape Juice from a river terrace vineyard in Renwick, Marlborough. This beer will be dry, fruity, and spicy, but with a big tropical and herbaceous aroma. Enjoy a fun combination of flavour sensations. Maybe with a block of stinky cheese. Mmmm stinky cheese.

This collaboration pack has 3 x Grape of Grain Saisons and one each of the Y2KX Collective's experimental Sauvignon Blanc's - a classic Marlborough style, a wild barrel fermented style and a skins fermented style.  Perfect for drinking over time.  Drink the Classic Sav now; the skins ferment in a years time and the barrel ferment in two years time......each time with a Saison to see how the beer and wines mature.